Got questions about Wrap Buddies that aren't answered below? Shoot them to us at hello@wrapbuddies.co!

  • Some images show a metal cutter on the tape dispenser. Others don't have this. What's the scoop?
    Our production version uses a molded-in cutter instead of the metal one shown in some renderings (images).
  • Do you ship internationally?
    We'd ship to the moon if UPS or FedEx delivered there. In other words, yes.
  • When will my order ship?
    If you ordered before the end of November, then your product is somewhere between Shanghai and the US. As soon as they arrive, we're going to make shipping existing orders our top priority along with shipping Kickstarter backer rewards.

    Orders placed after November 30 should ship within 48 hours.
  • Why don't you take PayPal any longer?
    PayPal makes it easy for you to pay, but extremely painful for us to get those funds released to our account. We're not sure what the problem is, precisely, but every time we try, our requests get rejected and held up in red tape. That's no way to run a business, so we choose not to use PayPal for payment services.